Shipping Hazardous Cargo

shipping hazardous cargo
Island Bargains has qualified HAZMAT specialists in-house that can prepare the IMO’S/Dangerous Goods Declarations and other requirements needed to get those goods to you without the hassle. We are your One-Stop-Shop for getting paints, aerosols, fire extinguishers, batteries, fertilizers, or any other Hazardous Goods. When shipping hazardous cargo overseas always use a freight carrier that specializes in dangerous cargo shipping.
For the safety of cargo handlers, ships, and their crews, it is vital that we are informed in advance of any potentially dangerous contents. All hazardous items must be identified to ensure safe handling and shipping.


Flammable gases are any substance the is combustible when it comes in contact with a spark or fire. This includes a wide range of items like refrigerants, hydrogen, aerosols, propane, deodorants, and any compressed gas. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer for verification.


Any product with a liquid flashpoint of 140⁰ F (60⁰ C) or any solid material that has flashpoint at or above 100⁰ F (37.8⁰ C) when in a liquid state is considered flammable. Fuels, painting products, perfumes, resins, nail polish, thinners, and industrial spirits are classified as Class 3 flammable liquids.


Fertilizers, herbicides, and even lawn care equipment are considered hazardous goods. Lawn care equipment contains oil and fuel delivery systems that are potentially combustible. Pesticides and conditioning products can carry a double classification as flammable and poisonous.


Explosives (Class 1 & Class 4) have three classifications ranging from least to extremely explosive. Little known hazardous items on the low end of the scale, like caps for toy guns, matches, and airbag inflators, are regularly undeclared. Always consider any product that is designed to explode or cause a spark as a hazardous explosive.


There are four classifications for radioactive materials. Commonly shipped items include radioactive medicines, isotopes used in research, x-ray machines, and other machinery contains radioactive equipment, smoke alarms, and luminous paints. Careful planning is required when shipping radioactive goods.


Spillable and heat/explosion hazards exist where batteries are present. This applies to car batteries, and any portable powered devices, from laptops to lawn care products, cordless drills, and lithium batteries used in many common devices. Always consider anything that is or contains a battery as potentially hazardous.


Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable compressed gasses like carbon dioxide, scuba tanks, fire extinguishers, and nitrogen are considered hazardous. Hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, and arsine are a few of the poisonous gases that are potentially lethal and require special care and labeling when shipping.


Many of the products we use, ranging from cosmetics to household cleaning products, contain alcohol. Personal use one-off products are not considered hazardous, but when shipping these items in volume, declaring the items as hazardous is necessary.


Corrosive materials are common in many products and are highly reactive liquids or solids that can cause severe damage to human tissue. Alkalis, various forms of acid, drain cleaners, chemical-based paint strippers are a few of the products and chemicals classify as corrosive.

The information provided here is meant for guidance purposes only is by no means a complete list of all hazardous materials. Review the link for detailed information from the U.S. Department of transportation or contact Island Bargains for more information. Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with all your shipping needs.

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