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Need to ship heavy machinery or a vehicle? Island Bargains can handle all your heavy machinery and automobile shipping needs. Whether you are shipping a car, boat, jet ski, motorcycle, golf cart, landscaping equipment, or any other self-propelled vehicle, we have the resources to help you through the process. We’ll get it on a ship and it’s on its way to you with the quickest turn time available. Our vehicle processing department will be with you every step of the process. Contact Island Bargains for more information

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heavy machinery and automobile shipping

What You Should Know About Shipping Heavy Machinery and Automobiles

Heavy machinery and automobile shipping require acute attention to detail for all documentation to be accurate. A qualified and highly experienced shipping company can assist you with ensuring a smooth import/export process. A good shipping company will handle all the legalities and administrative work needed. Clearing documents, declarations, certificates of origin, and whatever else is necessary to meet international requirements. Here are a few things to consider when shipping automobiles and heavy machinery.

Size and Dimension

Equipment size and dimension specs are an important first step in understanding the steps and requirements needed to ship your cargo. Your local customs agent can help guide you and provide information on what can and cannot be shipped. Having this information helps facilitate the clearance and documentation process. If you don't know where to turn, you can contact Island Bargains for assistance.

Proper Documentation

Unlike other shipping companies, Island Bargains handles all the documentation and customs paperwork for heavy machinery and automobile shipping (all of our other shipping services too). It's worth noting that every country has its own set of rules and regulations since the port size and on/offloading capabilities can vary. It would help if you also verify the types of vehicles and equipment allowed, if admissible.

Potential Risks

Always inquire about the risk management policy of your shipper. Depending on how delicate your equipment is, it may require special packing to ensure it arrives in the same condition. Inquire about the loading/offloading process, assessment of documented value, and 3rd party insurance policies. A good shipping company should have logistic professionals that are experienced with handling heavy machinery and vehicle shipments.

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